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Originally Posted by Richard Parker View Post
How do the people come to find themselves in the ThunderDome?

Are they kidnapped and then shown a quick video on the rules and tossed in?
At $1,000,000 a pop I think you might be surprised how many people will volunteer for a fifty-fifty shot at either solving their financial problems or... solving all their problems.

Actually, now that I think about it, the show's doubtlessly staggering popularity could lead to sandbagging and de facto professional contestants. If you and I stepped into the Thunderdome armed with whatever looked best in Aisle 32, it would be a hell of a show but very amateurish. The results could be quite unexpected. However, once the show has been on awhile, people applying to be contestants will, inevitably, begin to train with their weapon of choice. If you're going to be on you'll try out different weapons, choose a favourite, and train with it. (The dandelion picker looks like a good one to me.) You might even hire an expert in martial arts to train you in a salle d'armes. If your opponent did not engage in similar preparations their odds of survival would be terrible.

Since Home Depot Thunderdome ((C) all rights reserved) tries to match people evenly contestant would therefore have a perverse incentive to lie about their physical fitness and prowess with weapons. I'm not sure how to deal with that. I'll put some thought into it.

Originally Posted by Richard Parker
If you just stand there with your door, and your opponent just stands on the other side of the room waiting for you, then you both die, right?
Eventually you'll die of thirst. The show can be edited, so if two people decide to play the Who Dies Of Thirst First game, it doesn't have to be broadcast.

I guess it'd be really boring for the studio audience, who came to see blood. However, just going by game theory and probability, I think one person's going to decide the rational course of action is to slay the other.

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