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Originally Posted by Jimmy Chitwood View Post
Yeah. I wouldn't really need to chase them, though, right; the million bucks goes through me and my riot shield.
So they run around to the non-door side of you. Even if you can somehow swing the door around fast enough to stay between you, you certainly can't maneuver it fast enough to also push him over or anything, not with you moving a 75lb door and him carrying a 4lb machete. So now he's standing right on the other side of the door, close enough to grab, and it's not really your door anymore.
And he still has the machete and you don't.

There's a reason real shields didn't weigh 75 pounds.

Definitely right choice is machete: light and short enough to maneuver even in close quarters, strong enough to block spears or clubs, heavy enough to do some blunt force damage on the backstroke if necessary, but a lot more damaging on the front stroke than a hammer, and harder for the opponent to grab and wrestle away. Weight is too far toward the tip to be a really good sword, but still better than a hammer.
Pre-gunpowder, people made clubs, axes, or spears only when they didn't have enough good metal for a sword, they were in one of the few limited situations where a wall-of-spears made sense, or their opponents had so much good steel armor that a specialized armor-piercing weapon was needed. None really apply in