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Maybe instead of a door for a shield, go for complete protection and cloak yourself in a small refrigerator. Open the door, stand facing away from the opening, and pull it onto your back, essentially enveloping yourself in the fridge compartment on three sides. The fridge door would be a shield, and if you were to whip your body around quickly, the freezer door on top would swing around as a sort of bludgeon. It's not the most practical weapon, but think of it as analogous to an animal fluffing itself up to look big for intimidation purposes.

If you peel the gaskets off the sides of the shelves, there might be some sharp edges to use as an admittedly awkward blade. And if you're allowed to have the water hookup, then you could scatter ice cubes to make your opponent slip. Finally, after killing your opponent and cutting out his heart, you could keep it cold for preservation, especially if you didn't want to eat it all right away.

This is starting to feel like an unconventional-materials challenge from Project Runway.

Originally Posted by Jophiel View Post
This propane torch kit would be interesting. Certainly, the other guy would probably be unexcited about getting too close to me. Looks like it produces a pretty sizable flame as well. I don't know how well I'd be able to lug around the tank and chase a guy, though.
I don't know that it would disable your opponent quickly enough, though; it's not a light saber. () If he's willing to risk a burn, he could step in somewhat readily and cut your hose. In general, it seems like it would be hard to immobilize him long enough to sear him to death. A gruesome way of killing your opponent, to be sure.