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The current state of our knowledge is that we don't have a freaking clue how memories are stored. Until we get that part solved, figuring out how to (hopefully non-intrusively) store them isn't going to happen.

We have some vague notions of how the actual storage mechanism works, but the brain doesn't store memories like a computer does. The brain breaks things down and somehow stores the little pieces. One of the reasons Kim Peek had such amazing savant abilities was because this mechanism for breaking things down didn't work properly in his brain. Instead, his brain stored things literally, and he was often unable to understand certain things as a result. For example, he couldn't reason his way through math problems and he could not understand metaphors as he took everything literally. Kim's brain was in some ways a lot more like how a computer stores information.

We are just barely figuring out how the actual chemical and physical processes store the memories. We're not even close to understanding how the brain breaks things apart and processes them and later reconstructs them into memories.

The brain is so different from a computer that simply downloading a brain into any kind of digital storage will never be possible. Some day we might be able to store a "brain" into a digitally emulated brain-ish device, but we only have vague notions of how this might work.

We've got a long way to go.