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Effective rat deterrents?

I live in Southern California, and tree rats/roof rats are a fact of life. I've always managed to deal with the little outbreaks--sometimes bigger outbreaks--with snap traps.

However, something's going on in the crawl space under the roof. I'm not sure that it's rats, because they're active in the day and that doesn't fit the usual rat MO. But I also can't set traps for them--the noise is coming from the least accessible part of the crawl space. Setting traps and checking them would be virtually impossible. If there are rats, I can keep setting traps near the crawl space entrance and hope to lure them closer, but it hasn't worked thus far.

I'm told that rats can be deterred/driven away by intermittent flashing lights. Anyone know the straight dope on these? The sites that discuss them appear to be either trying to sell me a product, or filled with "some people say that..." weasel words.