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I think it's nice that you want to get her a special plate. I don't like my food touching either. I frequently use a fork to add that separation between items and sometimes use a napkin or paper towel to clean up the area of separation.

Just the other day, DH was attempting to add something to my plate that he wanted me to try. I already had my food items placed 'just so' and his incoming item was gonna mess with my already established order. I immediately felt anxious about it but managed to stall him long enough to make a proper space for the incoming item. Another time, he handed me a bowl of salad with a piece of warm, grilled fish on top. Yikes! So wrong! It actually gave me a stomach cramp. I had to deconstruct the whole thing. My thoughts about it were that 'a hot thing doesn't belong on a cold thing' and that 'salad dressing and fish can't touch.' I had to remove the 'damaged' salad pieces, clean the fish, etc. Yet, oddly, finding a bug in a salad would not bother me. Those things 'go together.'

I have quite a few food weirdnesses, but I know they are mine and that other people likely don't even think about things like that. I don't usually say anything about it or cause any trouble about it, but just fix the 'problem'. I eat the same 4 items for lunch every day and have done so for years. It just suits me to do so. It's orderly. Occasionally, I don't do it. That's OK, too. Items touching other items won't ruin my day, but I won't be happy about it either, so a plate with divisions would be nice to have. I do have a couple of psych diagnoses, if you had not guessed that already. LOL!

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