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IMO, Optography was the activity of retrieving the last images an eye saw because eye's owner died.
(or the eye was removed or something similar.)

Of course we can now say the chemistry of the eye doesn't allow such, eg of course death is really the brain stopping, which is far more fragile than the other body parts (most body parts can be viable, as healthy and working, eg when deciding whether to amputate, re-attach or transplant ... for hours without oxygen...)

So the optography thing is totally debunked.

However one step of the OP's topic , reading information from the brains neurons , has just been achieved... helium microscopes... electron microscopes cause a current flow which damage the electricals of the neuron... it would necessarily interfere with the information, so the electron microscope can only show atomic level structure but not the position of electrons to suitable accuracy. The helium microscope is detecting the electricals but not changing them. These might mean that the neuron isn't even killed, the helium microscope does no harm.