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Originally Posted by thelurkinghorror View Post
Covered in one of the few House episodes I've seen with very poor science where distorted "video" images are shown in real time.

For simple stimuli, there are retinotopic maps. Although the research I expect you're referring you doesn't interpret completely novel stimuli. It's more like the show you lots of objects, find out what neural patterns arise from each stimulus, and then when a random stimulus is shown, they can guess the appearance based upon which pre-known stimulus most closely correlates in neural activity.
No, I'm talking about actually reconstructing pictures of what a person is 'seeing' in their head. The House episode took a few liberties, but actually, the reality of the technology is not all that different - take a look at the video embedded on this page:

ETA: OK, I think it was actually reproducing something they were seeing, rather than just thinking about.

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