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Originally Posted by Bryan Ekers View Post
If I may add to this, equipping every person with a portable camera and microphone to record all of their personal experiences would be more accurate and technically far more feasible than trying to copy or record their personal memories. At the very least, the devices would act like impartial witnesses to the events.
Robert Sawyer wrote a trilogy around a parallel Earth where Neandertals became the successful hominid. They had a form of this technology where an implanted unit recorded a low-res scan of your life, with data dumps to a secure repository (and other functions - think of a modern smartphone, plus). You could access your record at will - "Where did I leave my coat?" - or the police could access it either with your explicit permission - "Who assaulted me?" - or by court order - "Where were you on the night of ...". These last two had a beneficial effect on the crime rate.