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Originally Posted by TSBG View Post
Even if I had a cat, I don't think it'd get into the attic without a lot of help, which I decline to provide.
I had noises in the attic once, and got out the stepladder to open the ceiling trap. As I was looking around with my flashlight, one of our cats climbed up the ladder, jumped to my shoulder and then into the attic. She came back a few minutes later with a dead mouse, looking very pleased. After that, any time I got the stepladder out for any reason she would hover around until she could climb up and check for mice.

I did find the tiny gap where they were getting in when I saw one climb the outside wall and squeeze in where some mortar had crumbled just where the soffit met the bricks. The cat managed to climb up the extension ladder onto the roof while I was fixing the mortar, but didn't find any mice, so demanded to be carried back down and ignored the extension ladder from then on.