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Give us your inauguration speech (in 100 words or less)

So you somehow got elected President and now you are standing in front of the Capitol Building.

I might say something to the effect of...........

"Change is coming. Yes, I know, every President promises that, stop me if you've heard this before. No worries, though, we'll be hamstrung by partisanship and obstructionism so it's all good. We will have single-payer healthcare, a clean environment, a crackdown on fraud and waste, a merit-based approach to college admissions, a media that is held accountable, a stronger military, and send people to Mars. We will weed lobbyists and special interests out of politics. And if you're a terrorist, you'll get change, too, yes - from now on you're getting bombed twice as much as before."

What would you guys do? I know there'll be some fascinating responses.