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Originally Posted by bonnell777 View Post
i have been hearing a series of clicking noises in my house for a long time and when i would go to where i would hear the noise there is nothing there that could possibly make the noise it seems to move around the house last night i heard the clicking noise right beside my ear twice and when i looked there was nothing there then i heard it behind me at the bedroom door then again in the bedroom as im from ireland i dont think we have the same insects to explain the noise that was the first time i heard it next to my ear as i was sleeping on the couch it couldnt have been an insect its freaking me out to be honest it has been happening on and off for a long time i took no notice till i heard it last night beside me im been honest no bullshit. as i was lying on the couch i fell asleep i was trying to fight off the sleep but i couldnt i just conked out didnt wake up till late if you like man i can send you my email address let me know...bonnell
Hi - I realise that these posts are from some years ago - yet I too have heard the soft tick tick tick sound in my home. Way way back in 1982!! It would wake my little 3 year old son during the night and scare him so much that he would race into our bed, wide eyed and shaking. My ex husband and I were renting a house for 18 months (we even asked a priest come and assist us) he was sceptical and although he did not hear it he did splash some holy water about..anyway - We decided to move into another home due to a job change within the same city. My sister moved in to help us with finances..We ALL heard the ticking about a week later. It moved from room to room and when one of us attempted to 'track it down' by stepping into the area of the ticking - the ticking would seem to move to the other side of our body - stop for a time and then start up again. It would stop for about 30 seconds - then start up again. It was just audible to record. We initially thought it may have been a metre behind the wall. But most definitely, the tick tick tick was the same noise level and timing as in the previous house. We started to get used to the ticking as it was not always about. It liked the evenings while we watched TV and usually during the early morning just before light. Well.. it was some years later - 1988 and we were vacationing with friends on a farm. We pitched our tent and that night I was placing my 7 month old (number 3 son) down into his sleeping cot - and what do you know 'tick tick tick' right in my face as I bent to place the lad down onto the cushions. It freaked me out. I left the tent with the child and was most unsettled for the rest of the vacation. I never heard it again. Present day is 2016. I'm into another relationship of 22 years. I did hear sometime ago that my ex husbands sister started to hear the ticking in her home. She lived in another city kilometres away from us. Same description. Soft tick that moved when sort and when left uninterrupted - lasted for periods of 2 /3 minutes at a time. odd. comments?