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Originally Posted by Stinky Pete View Post
Lions, tigers, bears, monkeys, apes, wolves, and more. Even if raised among humans completely in a friendly environment from birth, there is always a chance they will attack and maul/kill a human. Doesn't matter if they've had a long history of gentle behavior.
Perfectly docile, tame, domesticated humans occasionally go berserk and maul other humans. Are there any comparative statistics to compare the danger of "tame" wild animals with the danger of "tame" humans?

I think I'd feel a bit safer with a "tame" lion than a tiger. Lions, unlike most big cats, are somewhat social critters. I suspect that a lion would be more likely to recognize humans as "family" if it grew up with them. Like that story about Christian the Lion. I would not expect a tiger or most other big cats to behave like that. (ETA: There's another big cat that, I've read, is relatively benign towards humans -- but I don't remember which one. Jaguar? Anybody know?)

Remember Travis the Chimp, the domesticated chimp who went berserk and chewed someone's face and fingers off? That's not "supposed" to happen, but now everyone is really worried about people keeping chimps. The fact was, as I recall, Travis had been fed Xanax, and was very possibly (I speculate) having Xanax withdrawal trouble at the time. Based on my personal experience with the similar drug Klonopin, I'd have chewed someone's face off too.

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