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Originally Posted by Senegoid View Post
I think I'd feel a bit safer with a "tame" lion than a tiger. Lions, unlike most big cats, are somewhat social critters. I suspect that a lion would be more likely to recognize humans as "family" if it grew up with them. Like that story about Christian the Lion. I would not expect a tiger or most other big cats to behave like that. (ETA: There's another big cat that, I've read, is relatively benign towards humans -- but I don't remember which one. Jaguar? Anybody know?)
You're most likely thinking of cheetahs.
Most animals, including big cats, can be trained to some extent, but cheetahs tend to have a comparatively tamer temperament than the others, largely due to their anatomy, said Dr. Laurie Marker, a world-class cheetah expert who founded the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia.