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Originally Posted by Annie-Xmas View Post
And Daine Whipple mauled to death by a dog, and then the batshit crazy owners blamed HER.
Well, the Whipple death is different. The dogs, although nominally considered domesticated animals, were probably more dangerous than simple wild animals.

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
The dogs' actual owner, Paul Schneider, was a high-ranking member of the prison gang the Aryan Brotherhood who was serving a life sentence in Pelican Bay State Prison. Schneider and his cellmate Dale Bretches were attempting to start an illegal Presa Canario dog-fighting business from prison. They initially asked acquaintances Janet Coumbs and Hard Times Kennel owner/breeder James Kolber of Akron, Ohio to raise the dogs during their incarceration. Against Kolber's advice, Coumbs chained the dogs in a remote corner of the farm, which caused them to become even more aggressive. After Coumbs fell out of favor with Schneider,[4] attorneys Noel and Knoller agreed to take possession of the dogs. They had become acquainted with Schneider while doing legal work for prisoners, and had adopted Schneider (then age 38) as their legal son a few days before the mauling. Bane, the larger of the dogs, weighed 140 pounds (64 kg).[5]
Note that news articles at the time estimated Bane's weight at 123 pounds. Dogs typically get larger as the news cycle matures.

In addition to chaining the dogs away from human company (which no doubt had the effect of further alienating them from humans), Coumbs completely lost control of the dogs:

Source: article

...Coumbs was in over her head.

At first, Coumbs had been intrigued by the idea of raising dogs. "They told me, if you got these dogs, we would pay you and you could support yourself," she recalled. In return, she said, the inmates would watch the animals grow through photos and draw pictures.

But the four dogs started to run amok on her property, at one point ripping apart her trailer. "She definitely didn't know what was going on with the dogs, " Kolber said. "I told her they are highly independent, strong-willed dogs, not for everyone."

"I didn't know what I had gotten into," recalled Coumbs, who says she lives on disability with her 20-year-old daughter on a small farm with a pond and a creek. "It was a scam from the start."
In May 1999, Bane and his sister, Isis, had 10 puppies.

But the inmates became unhappy when she told them that six of the puppies were killed by their mother. Coumbs complained that the dogs had eaten her chickens, her sheep and her daughter's pet cat.
So these dogs were purchased by the Aryan Brotherhood to fight, brutalized and ignored by an incompetent caretaker, and then taken in by lawyers who admired the imprisoned murderer who organized the dogfighting ring. Talk about a scenario set up for failure.