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It helps to distinguish tamed animals and domesticated animals. And there isn't a single answer as it depends on what kind of animal it is, the characteristics that particular animal has, and which human it's interacting with under what circumstances. The animals mentioned in the OP (Lions/Tigers/Bears) are not domesticated, even if born in captivity. And the type of human conditioning they receive can also vary; they can be tamed, trained, habituated, socialized... all of which mean different things and would give different results.

You'll never be "safe" around a fully domesticated fighting bull that sees humans every day if it's life; domesticated isn't the same as tame. You might be ok around a lion cub you raised and performed with it's whole life... if you're the trainer or near the trainer, so wild animals can be tamed. But, I wouldn't get out of the car if that lion cub spent most of it's life in a game reserve conditioned to seeing humans daily yet made a living hunting and fending for it's self as other lions do.