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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
I dunno about you, but once in a while, when I snip one of my cats claws too close, or rub their tummy wrong, they swipe or grab, resulting in a couple bandaids. If instead it's Leo, it results in a ER visit or your death.
I have known several cats, from a couple we had as kids, a couple my mom has had over the years, and a couple that friends kept. Every one of those cats, no matter how loving or permissive - and my sister's cat let us dress her in a doll's dress a few times - at some point got pissed off and expressed itself with claws and teeth.

House cats tend to use teeth and forelimbs to get a solid grip, then employ their hind legs in a raking fashion, as if to disembowel their victim. Said victim being my arm.

And that's house cats. No way a full grown tiger or lion is going to always be in a good mood. Where a house cat might give a nip of displeasure, from an adult lion or tiger that's going to be severe. Full out drawing blood attacks happen, too.