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One should not trust anecdotes, except as single data points. There are wild animals that lived full lives as pets, and have never killed their owners, and others that have killed them, or attacked them. If anecdotes are your only data, then you have to accept that "Wild Animal behavior is not totally predictable". Even so-called gentle animals like Gorillas and Elephants and Dolphins have been known to attack people. Heck, Dolphins are like the low-lifes of the animal kingdom and have been seen acting as a team to separate females from a herd (or whatever they are called) to have non-consensual sex with them (ie. rape).

On the other side, though, there are certainly stories of wild animals exercising their 'maternal instincts' to protect a child that somehow found its way into the gorilla enclosure at the zoo. I don't think that anyone seriously wants their child to fall into the gorilla cage of a zoo, nor would they trust (and rightfully so) the safety of their child to any wild animal. So let's just (for now) peg this up to the unpredictability of wild animals.