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Originally Posted by CannyDan View Post
I really do not know what might result if zebras were subjected to a rigorous selective breeding program with only the most tractable 1% bred to produce the next generation. Given a forced generation time of only 3 or 4 years (enough time to breed a foal, produce it, raise it enough to make a selection for next breeding, then repeat) it would surely be a long term experiment that might not show significant results in a human lifetime. But all animals we now consider domesticated have been subjected to selection for a lot longer than a human lifetime. So my jury is still out on zebras.
And it would be an expensive & pretty pointless experiment, because AFAIK horses are better than zebras for every task we have for horses.

There are draft breeds for pulling large wagons, thoroughbreds for racing, jumpers for jumping, hunters for cross-country eventing & fox hunting, fancy show breeds, and even minis for house pets. These breeds have been bred for centuries for specialized tasks, and are quite well suited. I don't know of anything that zebras could do better. Possibly hiding in tall grass savannas, but that isn't something humans prize much.