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Originally Posted by Richard Pearse View Post
I think we need to establish more than that. To me the OP would make as much sense if "duck" was replaced with "mattress", and "quack" was replaced with "flubber".

1. What kind of duck are you talking about and what is it supposed to do?
I think we can assume that it's a motion sensor duck similar to these.

We can also assume the motion sensor in the OP's particular duck is located in its mouth since putting putty in the mouth stops the motion detector from working.

The mystery is why the motion sensor appears to trigger when the light in another room is turned off despite the putty being there.

The bigger mystery is why the OP has taken the trouble to install a motion sensing duck under the table by his sofa only to search for a way to disable it, (as opposed to just not having it or taking the batteries out) but fortunately they aren't asking for an answer to that question.

Without more information about the specific duck and the particulars of what kind of motion sensor it uses there's no way to know for sure, but it's possible enough light is leaking through or around the putty that suddenly turning it off triggers the motion sensor.