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Originally Posted by Xema View Post
In most cases, they probably are. Here's an article from
My mother and her mother do not funkify. Her father and sister do, as does everybody on the paternal side of my family. And we do not have so many bathrooms that we wouldn't be able to tell; the no-funkifiers can smell the other side's funk and we can verify that they do not leave that... "someone ate asparagus" cloud behind.

Who knows, maybe "reaction to asparagus" is one of those markers for ancestry

Sign me up as someone to whom cucumber tastes very strongly ("repeats" a lot too, I'm still tasting it several days after eating it); it gets diminished by curing it in salt, but I don't care enough about it to do that. And melon? My mother and one of my brothers can be swearing up and down that a certain melon is sweet as molasses, the other brother and I will be saying it tastes like raw cucumber and to kindly keep that thing away from us.

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