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Originally Posted by Lightnin' View Post
Most people say that celery doesn't have much flavor, if any at all.

Me, I say that celery is the taste equivalent of someone scratching their fingers down a chalkboard.
With you there. Celery is just revolting. Especially celery seed. And it has ruined blue cheese salad dressing for me. I used to love BC dressing, until I cooked in a restaurant that used celery seed in its recipe. Since then (after 25 years), I cannot taste blue cheese without also [imagining I'm] tasting celery, even when I know damned well that there is no celery or celery seed in it because I made it myself.

Also, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach (any dark green vegetable, really), beets ... they all smell and taste to me like something that went bad and should have been thrown away three weeks ago.