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This came up in another thread some time back. There actually was such a thing; I believe in the 50s or early 60s. At one arms show someone had made up a reel of old film of different "guns that didn't quite work out" for one of the seminars. The design was short (like 1 inch) barrels of a basic low caliber round (memory wants to say .25acp) built into each bra cup. They were shot/triggered by a string running down the sleeve of the blouse to the woman's thumbs. To actually fire the motion was to throw your arms back. The idea was that if a woman was attacked it had enough punch to put someone down or kill them at point-blank range --- sort of like the mini-.22 4 shot revolvers that have been popular now and then. How many were made or sold I can't say and other than on some the footage I saw popping up on some strange show now and then (something like Would You Believe?) I don't know if any were featured on film.