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Originally Posted by Dingbang View Post
I was relieved to read a few years back about how people can sense the taste of truffles very differently from most. I'm pretty adventurous with foods, like a lot of exotic tastes and so forth, but I've always found truffle to be revolting. Not just something I don't care for, but revolting as if you put your dirty socks in my mouth.
THANK GOD THERE'S SOMEONE ELSE! I'm also pretty darn open with food-- a handful of things I'm super not keen on (uni, mackerel, lampredotto... um...yeah, a short list-- I'm sure there are things I haven't tried that are gnarly to me (have not tried fresh durian, natto, lutefisk, surstroming)), but also black truffle/tartuffo, which appears to be rated as amazingly delectable by so many people, and to me it tastes like ass. ASS, I SAY! Not a popular opinion, I guess.

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