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Originally Posted by davida03801 View Post
So the primary season is almost over except for DC I believe. The presumptive nominees are The Donald and Hillary, both of whom have “issues”.

So a general question I will throw out. Did the old system generally characterized as the smoke filled back room with the party operatives choosing the nominee. Did that system produce better candidates ?

I am curious what other fellow dopers here think on that question. Note……This is not a discussion on the merits of the current candidates. Plenty of other places here to discuss that.
Such a difficult question because "better" is so subjective. Better for the party? Better for the country? Better for the voters (if that can be different than the country)?

I think there are clearly advantages to those smoke-filled rooms: A clarity of purpose and people choosing who have solidarity of purpose (at least to some extent). Engaged and involved decision-making. Avoiding a lightning strike for an Obama or a Trump.*

And there are disadvantages: Resting huge power in the number of people who could fit in a room. No accountability. The ability to ignore swaths of the electorate. Avoiding a lightning strike for an Obama or a Trump.*

* Can be a positive or a negative for either system, depending on your feelings.