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I think the old system probably produced better candidates, but democracy isn't just about results, it's about process, so that's why we have the modern primary system. It's not like we had some disaster that made us implement it, it was just an evolution. And I think we should keep it.

That being said, our system has always included veto points where the will of the people can theoretically be overturned. This should only be done in extraordinary circumstances, but one could make a plausible argument that Trump's nomination is more a quirk of this particular election year than the genuine will of Republican voters. He never had majority support until all his opponents dropped out. Something like 4% of eligible voters have voted for him in total. And he's become even more dickish since winning, not less.

THat may all sound like rationalization, but I supposed the delegates could use it and overturn the primaries. Trump is certainly giving them pretext. Maybe they should take advantage of it.

One more concern I have: In the TV and internet age we seem to be gravitating towards big names rather than well qualified candidates. The internet has another side, it does enable complete unknowns to get attention too, but usually those complete unknowns are just exciting ideological base voters, they aren't well qualified candidates. So in the last few cycles, races have been primarily between "big name" candidates and "insurgents who were nobodies just a few months ago", with the well qualified, boring candidates who would just make great Presidents get completely ignored. If that continues, we may have to rethink bringing back the smoke filled rooms. It's depressing how many amazing candidates from both parties have gotten single digits in the primaries because they were "boring". Most of what a President is supposed to be doing is boring! If anything, we've had a problem lately with Presidents only wanting to do interesting stuff, like pass major legislation and fight wars. Time for serious candidates.

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