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Originally Posted by adaher View Post
I think the old system probably produced better candidates, but democracy isn't just about results, it's about process, so that's why we have the modern primary system. It's not like we had some disaster that made us implement it, it was just an evolution. And I think we should keep it.
Actually we did have a disaster of sorts that made us implement it. The election of 1968.

In 1968 only 13 states (and D.C) had a Democratic primary at all. Hubert Humphrey won none of them -- in fact, he didn't really compete in any of them. Yet, by focusing on the party bosses, Humphrey managed to win more than 2/3 of the delegates, and the nomination.

Of course, one might argue that Humphrey was a better candidate than 1972's nominee, George McGovern.

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