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Most unhealthy, generally available snack

My vote goes for the one I heard about on the radio this morning. No longer the sole domain of "Fair food", where one can only indulge a few times each year when the fair is in town, Hostess has entered an exclusive agreement with Wal-Mart to make available, on a limited time basis, a frozen version of the fried Twinkie.

That's right, now you can stock up on this epitome of empty calories and indulge multiple times per day, every day of your life - if you stock up now. I can't imagine that these "treats" will ever go bad, especially if stored in a freezer. They probably wouldn't if stored in the trunk of your car, for that matter. A bit mind boggling is the realization that somewhere, at some time, someone looked at a Twinkie - that concoction of solid sugar and chemical additives that is already 99% fat and carbs - and said "That's just not unhealthy enough. Must... solve...dilemma...FRY that puppy!". Even more mind boggling is that some marketing guru at Hostess saw that and decided that American society needed unfettered access, me.

What other generally available health bombs are out there? Do any have a loyalty club that offers discounts on Cardiac Care Unit stays?

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