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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Easily. Remember Newton's Laws of Motion. You just need a nearby stellar-mass object close enough and in the right position to negate the gravitational attraction of the sun.
Except remember those pesky forces that create tides in the ocean and cause the crust to flex? Now you've added another. Even the relaxation of stored potential energy in the crust will have dramatic effects on tectonics. Not perhaps world destroying, but enough to create mass earthquakes, tsunamis, and increased volcanism. And any effort to apply force directly to the crust (e.g. a rocket extending outside the atmosphere or some similar direct thrust structure) will cause dramatic effects. The Earth's crust is proportionally much thinner and weaker than an eggshell, and even a thrust structure many tens of miles in diameter would be like a pinhead on the surface.

The Birch proposal outlined by eburacum45 is probably most practical, for generous values of "practical", but realistically the amount of energy required to move the planet from its orbit is vastly beyond anything we can produce today. That's how strong gravity is, and we don't even have to pay a monthly bill for it. Amazing stuff.