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Originally Posted by bob++ View Post
Maybe you guys don't appreciate what a knife edge we live on, here on our little planet. Move us a few thousand kilometres nearer or further from the sun and we roast or freeze; alter the ecliptic angle and who knows what would happen to the tide, currents and weather fronts. Speed up or slow down the rotation speed and all that engineering based on one G would mean nothing.
Well, it's not all that sensitive. The Earth varies in distance to the Sun of a few million kilometer through its not-quite-circular orbit (e~0.016) and has probably bobbled a few degrees off of its current 23.4 inclination to the solar ecliptic throughout the existance of life. (The rotation speed has almost no influence on felt acceleration; we do recalculate weight for large rockets between mid-latitude depot and near-equiatorial launch site, but the resulting difference is generally about a few dozen pounds for a several tens-of-thousands of propellant grain mass motor. On a personal level, you won't notice or care.

However, changes in diurnal rythyms may be problematic for various species, especially intertidal sealife, but that's a lifestyle problem. I think we're better off leaving the Earth as it is and creating our own habitats in space which we can construct and operate on whatever cycles we like, but of course that is too simple a plan.