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Originally Posted by spamforbrains View Post
Fat isn't bad for you. Nor is salt. The (hopefully) embarrassed doctors are slowly changing the nutrition guidelines to actually reflect the evidence rather than a few outspoken experts' opinions.
That's a bit of a broad statement. Anything, in sufficient quantity, is bad for an individual. Conversely, in moderation most anything is not actively harmful. This snack is literally 99% carbs and fat. The 1% protein is only due to the fact that the product is still made with beef fat. It has 16.5 grams of sugar - a bit over 4 tablespoons - per cake. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, about this product that is healthy. You can get the exact same nutritional value by eating a teaspoon of beef fat and 4 teaspoons of sugar. Actually, that may be better for you because you wouldn't get the additives and preservatives.

That said, the occasional Twinkie is not going to have much of a cumulative affect on a healthy individual. Balance is the key. But we're talking about bad snacks, not good nutrition!

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