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"My Fellow Americans.

The hour of a new future is upon us. History will remember the day that we left the old, stagnant stalemates of yesteryear and embrace a new era of progress, of reinvestment, and a new competitiveness to make our economy, our society and our children the very best they can be.

Some politicians wish to spend billions of dollars to build a wall. We're going to be building--and repairing--our roads, our trains, and our airports.

Some politicians believe that healthcare is a great way to force Americans into bankruptcy and poverty. We're going to create single payer healthcare for all Americans.

Some politicians seek to destroy families and deport over ten million undocumented immigrants to this country. I am issuing, by executive order, an amnesty and a path to citizenship, for all those who have complied with the law.

Some politicians believe that we should sell firearms to terror suspects, to the mentally ill, and to hardened criminals. We will ban the myriad ways that our laws allow these purchases, and we will hold accountable those who would make those transactions.

Some politicians believe that the war on drugs is a war worth waging. For forty years, we've sought to punish those who use controlled substances but have basically made them unable to live normal lives and created a gigantic underworld economy. It is long overdue to end stiff punishments against non-violent drug users and address drug use for what it is--a symptom of mental health. Our Administration will seek to offer rehabilitation as a national priority.

Finally, my fellow Americans, too many politicians have simply voted for their donor friends. Too many have and implemented policies reflecting the names on their checks and too few have listened to what you have to say. We have the right to regulate our elections, to get dark money out of politics, and to defend our own freedom from lobbyists. I will require my nominees to the Supreme Court to overturn the misguided mantra of money as speech, and if it is otherwise impossible, I will call for a constitutional amendment to explicitly claim this freedom for all Americans.

Thank you all.
God Bless You
God Bless the United States of America!"