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Irishman related a lot of the best points.

People have different body shapes, weights and sleeping styles.
I myself am pretty bony. But I like to go to sleep on my side. I have a very firm mattress, so I got a memory foam layer on top of it. That relieves the pressure points. But does allow my waist to sag down and make some discomfort in the small of my back. A person with a thicker midsection would probably find my mattress just right. I will fine tune the mattress with an additional foam layer.
I think it is best to start with a firm mattress and then add to it from all the available top layer foam solutions. That way you don't wear out the mattress. Especially if you are a heavier person. Also, less or no spring noise and disturbance of a person with you.

Though I like to go to sleep on my side, I usually wake up quite relaxed on my back. Most people change positions many times during the night. I do it a LOT. Maybe due to trying to be on my side and not comfortable.

When testing a mattress, be sure to really, really, relax in the position you "think" you like to sleep in. It can be difficult. You will likely tense just a bit here and there to account for your unsupported parts. That will fool you into thinking it fits. Especially if you already have a bad one for you. You will be trained to fit, so one that is just marginally better, might feel a lot better. Wait a while as you relax and really sag onto and into that mattress. Particularly note the base area of your spine, small of your back. If on your side, it should be horizontally straight. No twisting. If on your back, it should be supported upward a bit. Not sagging into the mattress. We usually curve back to front at the bottom of the spine, then front to back in the top half or so.
If you are on your front. That is weird. Maybe sleep on a massage table with that face hole in it.