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Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
I learned through experience that there is actually a big difference between a $50 mattress and a $250 mattress, but I bet you get diminishing returns the more you spend, and unless you have arthritis, or want to pay for a heated mattress, because you live alone, and want to turn the house heat down to 50'F at night (my grandmother for the last ten years she lived in her house with just a cat in Westchester Co.) I would never pay $1000 for a mattress unless it was meant to fit an adjustable bed, or something.

That $50 (it was $95 or something, on clearance) mattress sucked. We bought it new, and after one year, it had a big divot in the middle. We bought foam padding, and folded it creatively under the mattress, and got it to limp on for about 16 more months. The $250 mattress is holding up great after 2.5 years, so far. It still sleeps like new.
That's why I mentioned starting with a firm mattress. So you are not flexing the springs much. Or, an all foam, firm base mattress. Foam can degrade over time with lots of flexing. Tune up a firm base, with foam layer tops that can be replaced, added, subtracted.