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This is all my best guess going from books I read and has nothing backing it but my memory, but the idea being that in the very beginnings of humanity breasts were uniform in size but as civilization advanced and different cultures took different ideas about breasts they became things for sexual arousal and as a result changed size accordingly. Some cultures preferred large breasts as an indicator of good health so in those societies the busty women were the ones with the most off-spring and their off-spring wound up passing the busty genes as well. In other societies the opposite happened, smaller breasts were valued as large breasts were believed to indicate women in poor health and those genes were spread. Though trade and mass migrations have made this less obvious in modern communities you can still see what societies valued large breasts based on their average cup size once you control for obesity and other stats. Russian women tend to be the bustiest in the world on average because in their society very large breasts were the most sexually attractive feature to men.