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Originally Posted by Trinopus View Post
I'm not sure of this, so please, someone, help me out... But wouldn't it be polygenetic? (As opposed to blue eyes, which are brought out by a single gene.) Like skin color: there isn't just one gene for "dark skin," but several genes, so you can get gradations of color.

Another argument for it being polygenetic is that mothers and daughters can differ very widely in breast size. There is some heritable correlation -- larger mothers tend to have larger daughters -- but there are so many exceptions that it can't be a really simple genetic heritage.

Or maybe I'm wrong...

(ETA: also, diet, including some food additives/contaminants that are so influential, they gave even boys breasts.)
Genes come to a woman from her father as well as from her mother, remember.

If a daughter's shape is unlike her own mother, look at her paternal female relatives. My sister and I are both about average to below average in breast size. My niece and my older daughter are both very well endowed. So were my mother-in-law and my sister's mother-in law.

I remember shortly after my niece achieved puberty she walked past my sister and me as she was going outside to sunbathe. We both looked at her, and at each other, and commented, "Where did all THAT come from?"