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In any case, you should never buy a mattress without testing it out yourself (and I don' t mean that you should drop eggs on it, but that you should lie down on it). That seems like common sense to me. Yes, you can always try to return it, but, do you really want to go through the time and trouble to return a mattress because you don't like how it feels, when all you really had to do is to try it out in a store? At worst, you could check out Consumer reports -- they do their own tests, and I doubt that eggs ever enter into them... unless they are actually rating eggs.

From CR: in addition to ratings, they have an article comparing the three major types of mattresses (Inner Spring, Memory Foam, and Adjustable Air) and go over some mattress-related myths. I don't see Purple being one of the mattresses that they've actually looked at, which might be because it is too new. Or maybe it's just not popular enough.

(Note that I'm not sure if that article I linked is for subscribers only, but some of their content can be accessed without a subscription)

I did check Amazon for reviews, and they are, on average, positive. But remember that reviews are not about which product is better, or the better value, but about whether a person has a positive experience. And you also have to take into account that the more expensive something is, the more likely their experience will be affected by their high expectations. It's just like the fact that if a wine has an expensive label on it, it will tend to taste better to a lot of people, but may not actually be any different than the same wine in a cheaper bottle.

One common complaint about it is that it seems (to some) to be specifically designed for people who sleep on their backs. There were complaints that the mattress was lumpy and uneven. And so on. You can check them yourself. I'd be suspicious though of reviews at some dedicated 'bed' or 'sleep' websites.