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Originally Posted by spamforbrains View Post
I don't happen to have a 300 lb sheet of glass lying around to test this theory, but I suspect they wouldn't have. If it had a uniform flat surface and they had a soft, giving surface under them, I don't think they would break. In order to break an egg you generally have to apply a sharp sudden pressure at one point, such as whacking them against a sharp corner. Eggs are surprisingly sturdy.
If I come across a 300 lb sheet of glass I'll try it out.
Is your carpeted floor as soft and giving as a mattress? The whole reason the test works in the video is that the mattress has enough give that the egg is completely engulfed in it before the glass sheet is decelerated by the mattress. Unless your carpet is deep enough that an entire egg could be submerged in it, I'd guess the 300 lb weight would break it, especially since it would be a hard surface (the glass) against the egg.

Try dropping a bowlful of eggs onto a wooden or tile floor. Some or all of them will break.