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Why I wonder are black olives never sold stuffed? I can get green olives stuffed not only with pimentos, but with jalapenos, habaneros, garlic, various cheeses, almonds, and anchovies. I am particularly fond of blue cheese or anchovy ones in my martinis, although the others are nice, too.
Black olives require a different processing, part of which is filling up the can(standard black olives are usually not often offered in clear glass containers) with an iron solution, which helps to preserve the color. Imagine a pimento-stuffed olive bobbing around in the stygian depths of a dark-colored liquid? Not too appetizing, IMO.

Pity the poor pimento, though. Olives used to be stuffed with actual pieces of these mild peppers, nowadays many olives are injected with a pepper paste which simplifies production. Gotta' love technology.