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Originally Posted by Isilder View Post
Equipment to read the tape format is quite easy to create as a lab prototype...
I assure you that whatever format was used to record the Apollo XI mission still exists... it's just not in anyone's studio rack any more. Collectors, old-school archivists, even museums... there's a 2-inch tape player (or whatever) ready to take the reels right now. For one thing, that would be commercial gear, built like a Mercedes tank.

I had a friend who made lots of beer money by keeping a PC, ca. 1995, with every drive that far known to man and geek attached. He could move data off everything from magstripe cards to 8-inch floppy onto either a provided hard drive or 1.4 floppies. He got at least occasional commercial jobs from companies that discovered, for example, all their corporate minutes were stored on IBM DisplayWriter discs long after the last DW system went to the scrap heap.