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Originally Posted by kaylasdad99 View Post
Maybe someone could explain why those wacky Brits call it the "boot."
This one passes through a few steps to get to its modern sense. We start with:

Boot, the (usually leather) garment that cover the foot and lower leg, which gives us:

Boot, a piece of armour which cover the foot or lower leg or both, which gives us:

Boot, protective metal gear attached to stirrups or stirrup harnesses to protect the rider's foot or lower leg but which was also useful in mounting and demounting, which gives us:

Boot, a metal bracket or (later) step on the outside of a coach, used when getting in and out, which give us:

Boot, a larger platform on the (out)side of a coach or carriage where an attendant would sit, usually facing outwards (i.e. sideways). When the coach stopped the attendant would jump down, open the door and assist his social betters out of the coach. This gives us:

Boot, a platform at the front or back of a coach or carriage where attendants sat or (more usually) luggage was strapped, which when enclosed gives us:

Boot, the compartment at the back of a car where luggage is carried.