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yellow jacket (?) help - need answer quick

Hi Everyone

I got a nest of some sort, and I need to deal with it this evening. It's in a terrible spot where a couple of folks have been stung and the family is revolting.

OK. The location is in the peak of the basement exit stairway. From that side I can see the softball sized nest. All I can see from there is the side of the nest. The entrance to the nest is in a space in the trim boards on the outside. I see them coming and going, but the geometry is such that they must be making a 90 degree turn about 3 inches from the nest.

So, if I shoot the entrance, I won't get much inside the nest. If I shoot from the inside, I can hit the whole nest but there is no visible orifice. I don't know how well the spray will penetrate from the side of the nest.

Due to a lucky quirk of the house, I have an exterior door between the nest and the house, so I should be able to close them in.

My thought is to first hit the entrance to the nest and then go round and hit the side, with the idea that they would be trapped in there

What are your thoughts on strategy here?