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For a nest in a hard to reach or awkward area, I'd shell out a few bucks for a professional to deal with it.

I've used the "bag it and drown them" method for free-standing nests hanging from a branch before.

Way it works is this: take a burlap sack out at night when the wasps are all inside the nest. Fix up a large bucket of water, and a heavy stone. Carefully and slowly raise the sack over the nest, them tie it around the twig the nest was on. Once the bag is tied the wasps can't get out. Then, cut the twig and place the nest-in-the-bag in the water. Put the stone on top to keep it submerged, and leave it there overnight.

Next morning - put the sodden nest in the sack full of dead wasps in a garbage bag and dispose of it.

Works a charm, but only on nests easy to get at.