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I saw on a documentary that prisoners attempt to make alcohol in their cells... I also saw that they make it in a bag. How do they do this? get a 5 litre tub, easily available from the cleaners, collect about 15 oranges, again easily gotten when they have the fruit option at mealtimes, about 1-2 kilo's of sugar and yeast or marmite, easily gotten from the kitchens. squeeze all the oranges into the tub, add the marmite or yeast and half the sugar, fill ip[ up halfway, and cook it every night using hot water in a mop bucket, after 4 days add the rest of the sugay and fill container right up, remember to spear holes in the lid or it will explode, give it another 6 days of cooking at night time, then drain and gets u rat-arsed but the hangover is hardcore...also when youve drained, keep the dregs at the bottom and just add more oranges and sugar to kick it off again...hope this helps