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Originally Posted by usedtobe View Post
Hell - since I really should have asked way back when:

How do these rigs ensure ethanol (aka 'grain alcohol') instead of methanol (aka 'wood alcohol')?
I was under the impression that the heat at which the mash is cooked determined this for your basic moonshine - but I'm guessing thermometers aren't exactly common in cell blocks.
My best guess: You have to really try (i.e. increase heat, add ?) to get methanol, and whatever comes out of these 'cell block stills' is not heated enough to produce methanol.

And is the stuff called "alcohol" used as rubbing for sore muscles, cleaning stuff, etc. even vaguely related to either ethanol or methanol?
Unless I'm misunderstanding, most of the stuff you get in cell blocks is not distilled. It's just fermented. That's what pruno and things of that nature are. Stick a bunch of sugar-rich liquid in a bag, throw in some yeast (or hope to get some natural yeast), wait, and you should get something in the 5%-15% ABV range through the process of fermentation. Concentrating further is a bit more complicated and does require a still or freeze distillation (which tends to concentrate the stuff that gets you really bad hangovers.)