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Originally Posted by jaykay197575 View Post get a 5 litre tub, easily available from the cleaners, collect about 15 oranges, again easily gotten when they have the fruit option at mealtimes, about 1-2 kilo's of sugar and yeast or marmite, easily gotten from the kitchens. squeeze all the oranges into the tub, add the marmite or yeast and half the sugar, fill ip[ up halfway, and cook it every night using hot water in a mop bucket, after 4 days add the rest of the sugay and fill container right up, remember to spear holes in the lid or it will explode, give it another 6 days of cooking at night time, then drain and gets u rat-arsed but the hangover is hardcore...also when youve drained, keep the dregs at the bottom and just add more oranges and sugar to kick it off again...hope this helps

I have never heard of cooking brew. Grains are cooked only in the begaining to extract sugars. The only other reason for cooking is to distill the alcohol after the yeast has quit working.