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Originally Posted by panache45 View Post
I live in a brick house. About ten years ago I noticed a lot of hornets swarming around the wall over the front door. Then I noticed them going in and out of a small hole in the masonry. They apparently had built a nest within the brick wall, above the door. My husband squirted an entire can of bug killer into the hole, but they were still there. So I resorted to plugging up the hole. The little bastards who were trapped outside continued to swarm around the location for a few days, but eventually they were gone. So to this day, within my front wall is a hornet cemetery.
I did the same thing at a house I rented years ago. Except I skipped the bug spray part, I had a caulk gun handy already so I filled up the hole in the cement foundation with it. A few of the guys on the outside hung around trying to get back in but eventually left and I didn't see any more yellow jackets after that.