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Originally Posted by bob++ View Post
I remember reading that in Canada, where electricity was cheap (at the time) many office blocks left all their light on 24/7 because the fluorescent tubes lasted longer and replacing them was the more expensive option.
Cecil made this point back in 1980.
Originally Posted by The Straight Dope
At one time, manufacturers strongly advised against switching fluorescent fixtures on and off frequently because you could reduce tube life as much as 20 percent. Downtown office buildings once left their lights on all night on the theory that it was cheaper to burn the extra juice than send a maintenance worker around every few months to change the tubes. However, the 70s saw the introduction of longer-lasting, rapid-start tubes that last for 20,000 hours, as opposed to 10-12,000 with the old ones. These you can flick on and off a little more casually, since you'll only be reducing tube life from 5 to 10 percent.
Of course, that column was written long before modern LED lights, or even today's fluorescents.