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Originally Posted by Vicsage View Post
I hope you're right, but money talks and there's no long term profit in making a product that lasts a very long time. You hook them on your product to drop the other products, then once you've got them, make the switch to an inferior product. As to guarantees, I haven't read the small print, but I'd bet you'd need a proof of purchase of some kind and most people don't hold on to proof of purchases of low price items for any length of time.
You act as if all the light bulb receptacles that will exist throughout the next 20 years are already out in the market with a bulb in it. This just isn't the case. There are new homes and offices being built every single day. All of these new buildings are going to need new light bulbs. To say that a company that sells long lasting light bulbs will go out of business once everyone buys their bulbs is ridiculous. The demand for new bulbs is not just related to the failure rate of old bulbs, it is also dependent on the production of new fixtures and buildings.

That's as insane as people who make similar claims with automobiles. CT nutters claims that if a company makes a car that lasts a long time, they will be out of business once everyone buys their cars, since the cars will never break. That completely ignores the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are getting their licenses every year or otherwise needing a car they didn't need before. The demand grows as the population and market grows.

Why do you think companies are still able to sell chairs? I mean, according to your theory, nobody should be buying new wooden chairs since they easily last for 50 years. Right? Or lamps, for that matter. When does a lamp ever break? It's usually the bulb that goes out. Lamps last forever. So there's no way any lamp company could possibly stay in business, right?