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Could D.B. Cooper be Howard Hughes, the aviator?

I believe D.B. Cooper is Howard Hughes, the aviator. First of all he had a very eccentric personality. Wouldn't put it past him. Also, at the time of the hijacking he was in hideing, and for a time his whereabouts were unknown. His last known whereabouts before the hijacking were in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now this is not far from Oregon where the hijacking began. And if he survived the jump over Washington state, he wouldn't have had to travel far to get back to Las Vegas. Now the question is why? One plausible reason would be that he had suffered from post traumatic stress due to his surviving a number of airplane crashes. This would also explain the mental illness he acquired later in life at the time of the hijacking in 1971. The flight attendant who actually had close contact with Cooper said he was middle aged. This ruled out a lot of other suspects. Howard Hughes was 64 at time of the hijacking, and fits the middle aged discription. Howard Hughes was familiar with everything related to air travel, including sky diving! Not sure how many jumps he took though. And finally, I believe Howard Hughes actually owned an airline that was in direct competition with the airline Cooper chose. With all of this being said, I would like to hear from someone who knows for a fact if Hughes was ever a person of interest to FBI, and any details as to how the FBI ruled him out as a suspect.